A divorce can leave you bitter and alone. Even once you get past the pain, being lonely is never pleasant. Dating after a divorce may present some challenges, but you can be very successful with a few tips.
A Fresh Start
Your ex may have treated you badly, or the divorce was especially ugly and painful. Try not to let these things jade you when you start dating. Don’t assume that someone who is independent or drives a nice car is going to be just like your ex that shared that same characteristic. Give people a chance to prove they are different.
What Went Wrong
If you continue to choose people that are just like your ex, you are going to find yourself in the same position over and over again. Before you decide to start dating it’s a good idea to seriously figure out what went wrong. This way you can spot the patterns before you fall in to them again.
Be Honest
If you are setting up a dating profile, you really should mention that you are divorced. People who have been through this will have more in common with you than those who haven’t been married. Don’t assume you can just hide the fact that you are divorced. It makes no sense to do this, and most people are willing to understand that you may be in a different place than they are.
If you have children with your ex, you want to avoid exposing them to people you are dating until you know the relationship is serious. Seeing people come in and out of your life after a divorce will just make it harder for them.