Dating a divorced woman can be challenging, especially if you have never been married yourself. Even though you may share a lot of interests and be around the same age, the experiences from the past make it different for them. This isn’t saying that you should avoid divorced women, you should just understand that it will be different than past relationships you may have had.
Dealing with the Ex
If a woman has children with her ex husband, you should expect the ex to remain in her life. Even if there aren’t children involved, there may still be instances they need to have contact, such as family issues or finances. For guys that are insecure this can become a major issue. You have to understand that they divorced for a reason, but she may still have connections that she’s not willing to break with his family. She chose to leave the relationship and move forward. If she still had feelings for her ex, they wouldn’t be divorced. Check your jealousy at the door before you become involved with a divorced woman.

Many divorced women do have children. Chances are they either share custody with her ex husband, or she is the sole care taker. Whatever the situation is, you need to understand that all of your dates will be planned around her kid’s schedules. Her children will always come first. She’s looking for a date, not for another father for her children. It’s a good idea to not give her helpful tips on their upbringing either. Mothers tend to be very protective of their kids and parenting styles, especially divorced women. Also don’t be surprised if she doesn’t let you meet the kids until you are in a stable relationship. She doesn’t want to expose her kids to another relationship that may not pan out.