Without proper dating etiquette, your chances of scoring another date beyond the first one are pretty slim. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but you need to remember a few key rules for a successful date.
Stay Away From Heated Debates
Even if you enjoy debating, bringing up sensitive topics is never a good idea. Topics like religious affiliation, political views, abortion, war, casual sex, swinging, and anything that sparks debate among the masses should be avoided. No matter how much of a connection you feel these topics can drive a wedge between you and you may not be able to recover from this.
Who Pays
As a general rule, the man should pay for the first date. Even with that said, the woman should still at least reach for the tab, or offer to pay for the drinks or leave the tip. This seems like a silly ritual, but it’s been done this way for decades. If you don’t offer to pay, or offer to cover a portion if you are the woman, it just looks bad.
What to Wear
Surprises for a first date aren’t common. If your date does have a surprise evening planned, at least ask about attire. This will keep you from going to a country western club wearing a cocktail dress. If they don’t tell you, just plan to wear something you would wear to impress someone on a job interview. This is always a safe bet, and you will fit in pretty much anywhere.