Dating a woman with children can be a real challenge. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to be rewarding, it just means you will need to understand that her priorities are likely different than yours. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to dating a woman with kids.
Children Come First
Her kids will always come before you, period. If you expect her to drop everything she has going on for you, this relationship won’t go very far. Once a woman has children, she is a mother first, a girlfriend second.
Single mums schedule can be hectic. She has to work, get the kids back and forth to school, babysitters, activities, and she may have to drop them off at the father’s house for visits. This means if you schedule a date you need to be on time. You should also be understanding if she’s running later or needs to cancel at the last minute. You should also not expect sleep over’s unless the kids are somewhere else. Most of your dates will need to end early as well so she can attend to the kids. Even if she has a babysitter she won’t want to stay out all hours of the night. She may not even wish to have regular dates, many may prefer a no strings arrangement, if thats what you are after, you should consider looking on a swingers site as many married, divorced and single mums with children may be found.
Meeting the Kids
Most women who are dating and have children don’t want to introduce people to their kids until they know the relationship is solid. If the relationship doesn’t work out and you’ve bonded with the kids, the children will suffer as well. Remember, her life is about her kids now. Don’t be offended if it takes her months to invite you over to meet the kids, she’s just trying to protect them.