Asking a woman to dance can be the first step towards meeting a potential date. There are several tried and true methods that work more often than not. Here are some ways you can ask a woman to dance without looking like a jerk.
The “I’m Lost” Routine
This works especially well if you are at an event where group or line dancing is taking place. If someone is dancing well and you want to ask them to dance, stand next to them and act lost. Ask them to help you with the moves. If it’s a line dance, they aren’t going to want to hold up the group and will be more apt to show you. This will form a foundation for you to work with later.
Simple Approach
Simply asking ‘May I have this dance’ is effective. While it’s not exactly creative, it is polite and sounds romantic. If you use confidence with this, and even hold out your hand in her direction, she is more likely to accept. Just remember to be confident. If you aren’t, she will sense this and you will likely hear a polite no when you ask.
What to Avoid
Being creative is great, but bad pick up lines never work. Even if you think you are being creative, most women will cringe and walk away at any kind of pick up line. You may even end up being ridiculed by her friends later. Just be natural to avoid this.