When you are dating again being date worthy is vital. You want to have options, and if you follow a few simple tips you won’t have any problem meeting potential dates.
Keep Up Your Appearance
Many people don’t want to admit to it, but looks are important. This doesn’t mean you have to be model material to be date worthy, but you will need to keep yourself up. Always wear clean, pressed clothing. Keep your hair done, and don’t forget to check your nails for cleanliness. Don’t go out wearing tons of perfume or cologne, and never leave your house wearing sweat pants as long as you are dating. For women, avoid wearing clothing that is overly revealing. If you look cheap, you will only attract men who are looking for cheap.
Stay Current
Keep up on current events. If nothing else, check out the headlines in the newspaper or on your favorite news channel website. This way you will always have something to talk about, and you will come across as more intelligent.
Master the Art of Conversation
Come up with several great conversation starters and remember them. The more creative and funny you are with this, the more attention you will capture. Don’t just ask the standard ‘tell me about yourself’ questions. Come up with some great lines that evoke thought, laughter, and offer an open conversation. This will make your odds of a second date much more likely.